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Saint Martin's Road
Rosslare harbour

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Description: Located at Rosslare Harbour and within a few minutes walk of the Ferryport, St. Anthony's is a comfortable family run Bed and Breakfast providing all the comforts of home. All bedrooms are spacious and comfortable with en-suite, TV, tea/coffee making facilities and Hair dryer. Private off-street parking is available. We are within easy walking distance of Rosslare Europort, Bus and Rail Station, and local Pubs and Restaurants. Wireless Broadband is available. We provide early morning breakfast to accommodate Ferry services. Local amenities include fishing, horse riding and safe sandy beaches. Golfers can enjoy the challenge of a range of championship courses including some of the best Links and Parkland courses in Ireland, all within easy reach of St. Anthony's Bed and Breakfast.

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1 Review

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(DecT) / At October 18, 2012 14:44

Lovely people.

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Rosslare Harbour,co. Wexford

Rosslare harbour
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